Concierge Nursing Price Guide

General Concierge Nursing Services


General concierge nursing service pricing that is not related to pre & post-op care is charged at a rate of $125/hr. with a minimum of 1 hr/visit.  Hourly discount package prices available as follows and must be used up within 1 year and cannot be rolled over:

Hourly Package Rates

2 hrs = $250

10 hrs = $1150

20 hrs = $2350

GND has a travel radius of 70 miles & will charge the standard hourly rate prorated in 15 minute increments for any drive time over 1 hr to the service location. (PLEASE see example below) 


Example: The nurse leaves Kalispell at 7:00 am and arrives at your location at 8:15 am.  You will be charged ¼ of $125 = $31.25  (30 min=$62.50, 45 min=$93.75, etc……..)

Concierge Nursing Services (1 hr/visit minimum)


1. Nursing Consultation

2. Medication Management

3. Vital Signs & Ongoing Monitoring

4. Wound Care

5. Injection Visits

6. Daily Living Activities

7.Care Advocacy

8. Nutrition & Dietary Monitoring

9. Companionship

10. Respite & Bucket List Trips

Pre- & Post-Op Concierge Nursing Services


Pre- & Post-op concierge nursing services and packages listed below are for clients needing extra help and care before and after surgery or other medical procedures.

Before Surgery...


1. Pre-Op Coaching (1 hr) $195

Includes: A GND RN helps you prepare for your upcoming surgery by assessing goals & needs as well as providing pre-op education. Includes a home visit to assess home safety & readiness.


2. Pre-Op Coaching & MD Visit (2 hr): $345

Includes: A GND RN will attend your pre-op doctor’s visit with you.  We advocate for your needs and ensure you understand all of your pre-op instructions. Includes a home visit to assess home safety & readiness.

*Ability to attend pre-op appt. is dependent on your doctor’s office COVID policies.*

After Surgery...

All post-op nursing packages include a private duty nurse that will handle all necessary treatments during your recovery process and exclusively focus on you while providing skilled nursing care in the comfort of your home or hotel of your choice.

All packages include the following nursing services:

-Following physician’s orders & communication as needed

-Monitoring vital signs; drain assistance

-Bandage, wound & garment change

-Injections & medication administration as needed

-Pain management & assessment

-Bathing, dressing, grooming as requested

-Running errands, prescription pick-ups

 -Meal preparation if needed

-Light housekeeping


 Post-Op Hourly Packages:

Tuck In (3 hrs): $375

Tuck In Plus (6 hrs): $750

Comfy (12 hrs): $1250

Ultimate Comfy (24 hrs): $2500



A la Carte Services~$150/each

Incision & Drain Care Visit (1 hr)

Post-Op Bath Assist (1 hr)

Wound Care Visit (1 hr)

*Payment is due upon receipt for all concierge and pre-/post-op nursing services.  Glacier Nurse Direct accepts all forms of major credit/debit cards & cash.