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Weight Loss & Metabolism Support:

How we can be of service...

Are you trying to lose weight and need a little boost to jump start the process? GND is now offering a couple new options that may help you on your weight loss journey. 

We offer injectable options targeted to support your weight management, including vitamin injectables to deliver key vitamins and minerals directly to the bloodstream, increasing the bioavailability of the compound. Our Lipo-Mino Mix blend is a popular choice for helping patients reduce appetite, build muscle and promote a healthy immune system. MIC injections, also known as lipotropic injections, simply consist of several nutrients which help with weight loss. MIC stands for L-methionine, inositol and choline. Along with these nutrients, vitamin B12 is also present in the injections; all put together, they speed up the weight loss process. It often takes up to 3 to 4 weeks to start noticing the weight loss benefits of MIC injections. However, results are dependent on your diet and exercise. Additionally, the effects of a boosted metabolism might be felt or noticed prior to seeing the weight loss begin.  How much can you lose? Although the results vary for every person depending on many factors unique to the individual (such as do they exercise regularly, their caloric intake, etc.), lipotropic injection users have reported losing between two to four pounds a week.


Injection Memberships:

1-Month: $200 (4 weeks)

3-Month: $550  (12 weeks)


What’s included:

  • A weekly visit with one of our experienced RN’s to administer injections.

  • Review overall weight loss goals, general wellness and status.

  • Ongoing assessment & monitoring of weight, weight loss goals, dietary guidance, & education throughout your journey.

  • You choose either Lipo-Mino/Methyl B12 or MICC/Methyl B12 combo.

To read more about the products we are offering click on the Olympia Product Guide on our Menu Page or by using the link below.

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