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Concierge Nursing

Gain a nurse in the family while finding peace of mind. 

Sometimes life happens and you need a nurse in your corner to call on.

  • Dad falls and needs help recovering.

  • Mom is wondering if she needs to go to urgent care or the ER. Instead she calls her concierge nurse.

  • You find yourself wanting to stay home and avoid a nursing home but you need a bit more support and guidance.

  • Dad is sick and you need an unbiased third party to help you navigate health decisions.

We act as guides to navigate the healthcare complexities, to give you options, & empower you to make your own decisions. Our mission is to fill the gaps left by the traditional healthcare system.  We operate between the silos keeping you, the patient, at the center of your care as you should be. 

'Whenever or wherever, we are in this together. Glacier Nurse Direct handles your personal health needs with the highest standards of care.'

Services & Pricing Guide

Please see our service & pricing guide below along with our membership program.  It'll help you save on all of our services & you'll have a nurse who knows you at the other end of the phone when you call and need us!  We do charge a $150 consult fee when a visit is necessary to determine appropriate plan of care. Post-op nursing care is priced separately under Post-Op service link.

Membership perks...

$85/mo. (single) or $115/mo. (couple)
What's included with your monthly membership-
  • A Monthly check-in with one of our RN’s, choice of in-person or phone call.

  • Assessment of overall general wellness and status

  • Medication review & education (med setup if needed)

  • Social & environmental assessment

  • Education on diagnosis & health information

  • Help with calendar, scheduling any upcoming appointments & arranging transportation

  • Primary provider and other healthcare provider communication as needed for changes in status

  • Guidance and support

  • Advocacy, navigation and coordination of communication with other providers as needed

  • Ongoing month to month assessment for early intervention and prevention of further health problems

  •  As needed increase in RN & CNA visits at membership rates

  • Discounted rates on all of our IV infusions ($20 off) & Injectable therapy ($10 off)

  •  Direction and care planning recommendations for any outsourcing or additional services, i.e. legal, advanced directives.

  • Also, and this is huge…24 hour access to a nurse!

Member Pricing Guide for our Services

Concierge RN Services:

  • Hourly Rate: $95

CNA & Caregiving Services:

  • Hourly Rate: $45

Non-Member Pricing Guide for our Services

Concierge RN Services:

  • Hourly Rate: $125

CNA & Caregiving Services:

  • Hourly Rate: $65

Our Services

Nursing & Caregiving Services we offer here at Glacier Nurse Direct are listed below.  Reach out with questions!

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